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Hamilton Senior Center Annex

Hamilton Senior Center Annex

111 West 71 St., NY 10023 Phone: 212 580 0888 Email:

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday open at 11:00

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When Project FIND opened the Hargrave Building as a residence for older adults in 1975, the senior club at a nearby church moved into the ground-floor commercial space. In 1977 Project FIND’s Hargrave Senior Center was funded by the NYC Department for the Aging as a full meal program. Today it houses the Hamilton Senior Center Annex with its own separate entrance and is open to any person 60 years of age and up.

For more information about programs and activities at the Annex please contact:



Melissa Johnson-Bowen

 212 787 7710 
Hours of Operation: Sunday though Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm



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