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Project FIND provides older New Yorkers with the services and supports they need to live enriched, independent lives on Manhattan’s West Side.

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Gala 2017

Honoring Charles Lauster, Helen Rosenthal and Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

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Senior Centers

Check out this month's calendar of classes, meals and activities at all four of our centers

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Our three supportive housing residences provide safe, permanent, affordable housing for seniors with social services are integrated into every aspect of our programs.

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Homeless Services

If you are homeless and over the age of 60, or if you know someone who is, Project FIND is here for you

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You Can Help Make a Difference right here in Manhattan

What's Happening

Art Fair and Fundraiser

Please Come Join Us for the Project FIND Art Fair and Fundraiser. Doors open at 11 in the morning -- there will be art and jewelry for sale -- and in the afternoon we will have music with pianists and light jazz vocalists!  Come on by -- it's gonna be a great day!

West 71st Street at the Corner of Columbus!


Geeking out in the golden years

old-people-web-designing-02.jpgIn the first known study of older adults learning computer programming, Guo outlines his reasons: People are living and working longer. This is a growing segment of the population, and it's severely underserved by learn-to-code intiatives, which usually target college students and younger. Guo wants to change that. He would like this in-demand skill to become more broadly accessible.

"Computers are everywhere, and digital literacy is becoming more and more important," said Guo,


Hamilton Mystery Boat

Boat_in_Hamilton.jpgFile this one under Things You See in New York

"Ahoy, Mateys!"  -- spotted over the weekend in the lobby of Project FIND's Hamilton House!  

Is The Unsinkable Molly Brown moving in?

Did someone get a memo on rising water levels we should know about?

Are freelance pirates working on the UWS on weekends

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Political Polarization Growing Most Among Older Adults

bowling_edited-2.jpgEconomists from Stanford and Brown report that the age group most likely to have grown more polarized in political beliefs in recent years was the over-65 set

Keep Your Old Dog Healthy


When my dog Toby was 11, I checked out a book on anti-aging for dogs from the library. I left to run a few errands and returned later to a grisly scene.  I found the mangled book on the floor, cover gnawed off, two chapters torn apart and puncture wounds to the appendix.


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