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Cher Slays it at the Billboard Awards


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The legendary pop pioneer trotted out in the bedazzled mesh catsuit and leather jacket ensemble from “If I Could Turn Back Time,” skipping and singing as if no time had passed since that song’s 1989 debut—let alone the 15 years since her last performance at an awards show. The camera cut to her son, Chaz Bono, who beamed from ear to ear as his mother accepted her trophy from Gwen Stefani and took the mic. “So, I’ve wanted to do what I do since I was 4 years old, and I’ve been doing it for 53 years,” Cher said, amid the roaring cheers of the audience. In one of the front rows, Diddy raised both hands and bowed in deference. “Thats not an applause thing, I turned 71 yesterday—and I can do a 5 minute plank. Just saying.”



Science Says Old Dogs Can (And Should) Learn New Tricks

gettyimages-502548659-5602d454-2eca-4716-ac00-99990c7c4a37.jpgJust like staying fit or making a living, learning is a never-ending process. So why do we find it so intimidating to try something new? According to new research from the University of California Riverside, learning or trying something new isn’t all that hard to do for adults — and can actually combat the negative effects of cognitive aging.

Mother Son Photographers

tony-luciani_mamma-binoculars.jpgTony Luciani’s 91-year-old mom, Elia, didn’t know she was photo-bombing. She just wanted to pass through the bathroom door where her son, a painter, had set up a tripod to test his new camera. But something about the pictures of her face poking around the doorway, in and out of camera view, set them both laughing and ended up with both mother and son becoming photographers at 57 and 91, respectively.


"Food for Thought" Serves Salmon - Bay to Table


This last Friday the "Food for Thought" at the Hamilton Annex welcomed Christopher Nicolson as our guest. 

He owns and operates Iliamna Fish Company in Bristol Bay Alaska which fishes sustainable wild sock eye salmon from small boats in the bay.  Bristol Bay is the only place in the world where salmon still live in their natal habitat and make their full unobstructed salmon runs. 

It was such a treat to have him talk and bring us some cured salmon which he had caught.  This is truly "bay to table" dining!
Have a great day!

Traditional Retirement Fades


In 5 Years: Rising Net Worth and Investing in Longevity

Over the next five years, Lawrence R. Samuel, author of Aging in America, expects to see boomers’ net worth continuing to grow “as they cash out of their careers and inherit parents’ assets.” (Some who’ll be in their early 50s are Gen X’ers.) During this time period, Samuel adds, people over 50 will increasingly consider alternative options for their third act of life, grounded in what Next Avenue blogger Chris Farrell calls “unretirement.”