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Exercise as a "Magic Pill"

exercise_AFP11.jpgMost of us would like a magic pill that guarantees good health, especially as we age. Although there is nothing quite so easy as that, new research once again suggests that exercise is the best way to maintain good physical health as we grow older, and adding even less than an hour a week can make a difference. Read More 

Want A Better Retirement?


In a recent post on Vanguard’s blog, senior financial adviser Julie Virta invited recent and soon-to-be retirees to share some of the lessons they’ve learned about planning for retirement, and asked specifically what they might do differently if they had a “do-over” in their retirement planning. Read More 



“I think there’s a real need for women to create safe spaces where we can talk together about how we’re dealing with aging: our aging bodies, our aging lives, our aging relationships. The stereotypes in our culture about aging are so limited and so off, and we’re in a living lab, because we’re in an unprecedented demographic boom. We’re all at a new stage of evolution in some sense.” Read More