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Sing Like You're Winning

55-and-kickin_5875-300x300.jpgOn a chilly spring Saturday afternoon, a group of singers gathered at the Mama Foundation for the Arts, located in a tony brownstone in Harlem. Keyboardist Edward Cleghorn, Jr. warmed up on the stage at the far end of the living-room-cum-rehearsal-hall. Gold theatrical curtains lined one wall. The group sat in a semicircle, bantering with each other until Ken Wydro, director of Alive! 55+ and Kickin’ , announced that it was time to tell their stories and sing their songs.

Older Americans Month 2017: Age Out Loud


Each year, the month of May is proclaimed Older Americans Month throughout the nation. The Administration on Aging develops a theme for Older Americans Month and disseminates the theme to the entire aging network.

Each year the President signs a proclamation regarding Older Americans Month in celebration of the achievements and contributions of the nation’s older persons.


Aging in Place


A Novel Program Helps Older Adults With Aging in Place

A combination of health care and home fix-up support is making a difference

A modest program aimed at keeping older adults independent and in their own homes is showing promising results.

Senator Jose Serrano Constituent Hours Today at Hamilton


Hearing Aids

hearing-aids_custom-a9d8eb9b74fdf67d8831dacbf069fb528f3068b7-s800-c85.jpgFour out of five older Americans with hearing loss just ignore it, in part because a hearing aid is an unwelcome sign of aging. But what if hearing aids looked like stylish fashion accessories and could be bought at your local pharmacy like reading glasses?