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“I think there’s a real need for women to create safe spaces where we can talk together about how we’re dealing with aging: our aging bodies, our aging lives, our aging relationships. The stereotypes in our culture about aging are so limited and so off, and we’re in a living lab, because we’re in an unprecedented demographic boom. We’re all at a new stage of evolution in some sense.” Read More 

Avoiding Drug Interactions


According to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, more than 34 percent of seniors take medications prescribed by more than one physician and 72 percent take medications that were prescribed more than six months ago. This is one reason why caregivers need to be aware of the potential for drug interactions. Read More

Good News!!!

Brain Cells Found to Control Aging


Summary: A new Nature study reports hypothalamic neural stem cell decline accelerates as a result of aging. Introducing new stem cells into the brains of old mice slowed and reversed various measures of aging.

Source: Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Read More