In Memoriam

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of members of the Project FIND community.  We were fortunate to have known these residents. Below is a tribute.

Woodstock Hotel 

Joseph Brajevich (Born in 1932) moved into the Woodstock in 2013. He was a veteran and was honorably discharged. Joseph also worked in the HVAC industry and has 7 children. He was an avid chess player and was passionate about staying active and walked daily.

Nelson Garcia (Born in 1946) is best described as friendly, kind, hardworking, dependable and a "good man." Nelson was not only a Woodstock tenant but a beloved Project FIND staff member serving for 16 years as a porter in the Maintenance Department. Always available in the event of emergencies at the building, Nelson earned a reputation as a very dedicated employee and friend to many. Born in the Dominican Republic, Nelson was the father to four children and a devoted grandfather. He is very sorely missed. 

Luis Gomez (Born in 1939) was born in Armero Tolema, Columbia on August 30, 1939. He has four siblings. Mr. Gomez was married twice and had six children. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design. Mr. Gomez came to New York in 1981 and became a US citizen in 1997, something which he was very proud of. Formerly homeless, Luis moved into the Woodstock in February 2017.

Frederick Matthias (Born in 1945) was 74 years old and a native of Barbados West Indies. He was married with one daughter. Mr. Matthias graduated from Baruch College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in taxation and finance. He was employed with the accounting firm BDO-Seidman Accounting Firm for 26 years. Mr. Matthias was a very humble man who always had a smile and a soft voice. Mr. Matthias moved into The Woodstock in 2011. He will always be remembered as one of the guys who socialized with his peers in the lobby and senior center.

Charles Roach (Born in 1931) resided at the Woodstock Hotel since 1992. Charles was divorced with no children. He enjoyed being active and volunteered regularly at a local restaurant. Mr. Roach had a pleasant demeanor and often reminisced about his childhood and travels. He is missed by the Woodstock community.

Hargrave House

Juan Mendosa (Born in 1933) was an independent man and his primary language was Spanish. He was close with his nephew who visited him often brightening his life. Mr. Mendoza is survived by additional family who live on Staten Island.

Juliana Oprea (Born in 1924) moved into Hargrave House in 1999. Friendly to all, Juliana’s primary language was Romanian, and she also spoke Hungarian. Wishing to pursue social activities and hobbies, Juliana attended Hargrave’s coffee hour and enjoyed singing. She was close with her family and her home health aide.