Senior Centers

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Our Senior Centers have moved online as we fight the coronavirus. Click here to download flyers for our Virtual Classes. 

Our Senior Centers

Project FIND provides people with many ways to improve their health and well-being by offering activities at our four Senior Centers that stimulate and nourish the body, mind, and spirit.

Starting with lunches as well as breakfasts and even evening meals, Project FIND helps nurture physical health. Then, we offer up a broad and deep menu of classes designed to support an active, happy, and healthy life.

Studies have shown that age is no obstacle to starting fitness programs. Project FIND’s strength training classes are designed to make the activities of daily life easier: carrying groceries, walking upstairs, and pushing heavy doors open. Yoga develops strength and flexibility. Salsa classes improve endurance. Tai chi and qi gong improve balance which helps prevent falls.

Learning new things stimulates the mind. Computer classes, brain aerobics and chess, among other activities, keep people mentally active. Exercise classes also help mental acuity; learning steps in salsa or movements in tai chi is good for the brain.

Simply put, Project FIND’s four senior centers are fun places to be. Look at the Guide to Classes and Activities to see what we offer. Visit each Senior Center page and you'll find a calendar of events, more activities and menus for the month.

We hope to see you soon!