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Check out the Accidental Icon Blog of Lyn Slater -- an intriguing and sleek project that explores photography, fashion and style as an expansive mode of personal expression ... here in Lyn Slater's own words (via Grey Magazine)

So Lyn, I have been following your blog, The Accidental Icon, ever since someone tagged me on one of your photos from Instagram. How and why did you start this gorgeous project?

My “performance” as Accidental Icon really had three catalysts. The first was becoming frustrated with the split that was occurring between my creative and academic life and the limits of how you are allowed to express yourself in academia. I felt a need to find a vehicle that would allow me to write in more expressive and personal ways. The second was coming to acceptance of the aging process and realizing that fashion could offer a solution to the invisibility that often accompanies aging. Being rebellious, I started to risk more in my style, almost like a dare. It got to the point where everyday I was being stopped and asked about my clothes, most of the time by young people. Several of them encouraged me to start a blog. The third was having a life partner who is a photographer and who is always willing to go on new, creative adventures with me. Up until I started Accidental Icon the only social media I was involved in was LinkedIn and so designing my own website and getting up and starting on social media allowed me to develop skills in a new arena, which cognitive science tells me will keep my brain from aging.  

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CHECK OUT Accidental Icon here -- it's terriffic!

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