Volunteer Highlights


"I believe that the blessings that have been bestowed upon me should be acknowledged by helping those less fortunate."  

Michael is a licensed psychotherapist and pastoral counselor. Born and raised in New York, Michael works in two long-term hospitals, serving the needs of those on life support and those who are homeless and suffering from physical and mental disorders.

Michael has been volunteering with Project FIND for nearly ten years and "absolutely" shares in our mission.






"It makes me happy. I get a good feeling when I know I can make a difference. We need volunteers." 

Shirley came to Project FIND through her work with Bank of America and their partnership with New York Cares. Shirley loves helping others and has been a committed volunteer with Project FIND for 25 years. One of Shirley's favorite places to volunteer is Project FIND's Woodstock Senior Center.

Volunteering truly is Shirley's passion. Even after retiring from Bank of America five years ago, Shirley remains an active team volunteer with the company and continues to sign up for additional projects through New York Cares. And after more than two decades with us, Shirley is showing no signs of slowing down. In November 2018, Shirley assumed the role of Lead Volunteer at our annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Shirley and her husband have continued to be strong supporters of Project FIND in the ensuing years.



"Project FIND fills the gap. We shouldn’t just cater to those who are well informed. We should include those who are out there by themselves." 

Kuo is a software engineer. His hobbies include tennis and helping others whenever he can. Kuo has been volunteering with Project FIND for two years. He loves to give back and especially enjoys providing meals to those in need.

Kuo continues to volunteer with Project FIND because through us he has been given the opportunity to meet and learn about other communities in New York City. Before coming to Project FIND, Kuo often thought about those New Yorkers living on the margins who didn't have access to the community services that many able-bodied people take for granted. Programs like our home-bound meal delivery program are of particular interest to Kuo. Kuo became a Project FIND Lead Volunteer in 2018, managing the distribution of our Thanksgiving meals to our home-bound clients.