Forbes Volunteer Day of Impact


Coffeehouse has been serving the Hell’s Kitchen/Chelsea neighborhood for more than 40 years. Located in a fully accessible center in
the undercroft of the Holy Cross Church, it provides breakfast and lunch five days a week, as well as dinners and takeaway meals,
known as “Day for Night” for individuals who are homeless, indigent or who do not have cooking facilities. Depicted above is an
example of the deepening partnership Project FIND has with FORBES during the company’s Volunteer Day of Impact.

On July 18th more than 40 volunteers arrived at Coffeehouse and prepared and served a hot lunch to the seniors who came to not only
enjoy the meal, but also experience the live entertainment and camaraderie at the Center. Volunteers mingled with attendees and staff
as they stepped out on the dance floor, and even engaged in an improvised version of the Limbo. For some of the FORBES
representatives, like Brookes, this was their first time volunteering, and as she put, “It was worth it seeing the smiles on the faces of the
people we served. They just want to talk to you and hang out.”

Project FIND is grateful for the generosity of time and commitment from FORBES volunteers, who for the past several years have also
run themed dinner events and friendly visiting, and who have been appropriately named “FIND Friends.”




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