Hamilton Center Annex

111 West 71st Street, New York, NY 10023
Phone: 212-580-0888| Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, opens at 11:00am


The Annex, formerly operating as the Hargrave Senior Center, is an invaluable resource to the elders of the upper westside community. Located on the ground floor of the Hargrave Residential Building at 111 West 71st Street, this recently renovated facility has been in continuous operation since 1977 thanks to funding from the NYC Department for the Aging (DftA).

In 2012, prompted by an opportunity from DftA to realign our programs the Hargrave Senior Center was merged with the Hamilton Senior Center to allow for expanded health and wellness programming. In the ensuing years and prior to the pandemic, the Annex has served as a prime location for Project FIND’s vast array of artistic, nutritional and health and wellness activities. Renovations on both the Hargrave residence and Annex were completed in the fall of 2019 - the entrance to the Annex boasts an impressive expanse of automatic glass doors, new recessed lighting, hardwoodesque flooring, a bright white interior, refreshed public restrooms and an attractive, spacious kitchen area.

The pandemic has been the mother of invention in terms of improvisation of service delivery strategies. While in-person activities are temporarily on hold, the Annex serves as one of the logistical hubs from where Zoom-based virtual programing is broadcasted.

While our innovative virtual program options will continue to be an ongoing part of our repertoire, we long for the presence of people engaged in their wellness and growth. Can’t wait for the day!

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