How long does it take to get an apartment?

Waiting Lists

As you can well imagine, the number of seniors seeking housing will always outstrip our ability to provide it at any moment in time. However, we do maintain waiting lists, and once an application has been completed, we are able to provide the applicant with an estimated waiting time until an apartment becomes available. For your reference, the following are approximate waiting times for each of our residences.

Hamilton House

Our waitlist is currently closed due to HPD request, and we are contacting people who applied in September 2019.

Hargrave House

As of February 2023, we are processing applicants from 2022.  The estimated wait time for a studio/one bedroom unit is between two to four years.

The Woodstock Hotel

There is no waiting list. Applications for the Woodstock are reviewed as they are received and as vacant community units become available.

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