Jewelry by Natasha


 Natasha.jpgThis morning I met with the delightful Natasha who makes wonderful Jewelry.

Natasha took up Jewelry making 6 years ago and has quite a collection of impressive pieces, inspired by fashion in magazines and on TV as well as her imagination, as Natasha says 'anything goes'. She makes pieces for friends as gifts and has also donated to Project FIND bazaars.

Natasha attends the Woodstock Senior Center Crafts Program on a Saturday morning, run by Bill Sattan of Gifted Hands which reaches out to seniors and covers 20 different crafts including crochet and mosaics.

A necklace and earrings will brighten any outfit, for any occasion, so be inspired and visit the Crafts Programe.

A selection of Natasha's Summer and Autumn collection




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