NSC Month

September Holidays and Observances

Visit the following websites for more information about programs and activities that happens on September.

Health & Fitness

National 5-A-Day Month

National Food Safety Month

 National Cholesterol Awareness Month


 Hunger Action Month


Falls Prevention Awareness Day: Sept. 23

Active Aging Week: Sept. 21 – 27

Sponsored by the International Council on Active Aging - Discover Your Community

National Women’s Health & Fitness Day: Sept. 24


International Women’s Friendship Month

International Literacy Day: Sept. 8  http://www.unesco.org/new/en/unesco/events/prizes-and-  celebrations/celebrations/international-days/literacy-day/

National Employ Older Workers Week: Sept. 21 – 27


National Voter Registration Day: Sept. 23


Fun Activities for all Ages

Grandparents Day: Sept. 7

Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day – check out the historic connection: Sept. 23
National Video Games Day: Sept. 12

Plan a Wii Tournament

Additional Resources
Center for Healthy Aging

While the aging network has been moving toward evidence-based health programs for the past several years, Older Americans Act Title IIID funding now must be used only for programs and activities that have been demonstrated to be evidence-based. Learn more about evidence-based programs and get tools to offer them at your center:



Public Policy & Advocacy

Get the latest news and action alerts and review our Advocacy Toolkit for advocacy basics and issue-specific resources.

Restart Living

Are your members coping with a chronic condition like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis? On NCOA’s website, people with chronic conditions can watch a video, take a quiz, and sign up for either an online or in-person chronic disease self-management workshop near them.

Hearing Loss: It’s a Fa mil y Af f air

Understand age-related hearing loss and why you should get screened. Watch a video and download a free brochure for older adults.


If you have members with limited income, use this free online tool to screen them for more than 2,000 benefits programs to help them pay for prescription drugs, health care, rent utilities, and other daily needs.


Use this comprehensive, free online service to help your members improve their economic security. The website has tools to help older adults find work, cut spending, reduce debt, and use their home equity wisely.

My Medicare Matters

Help your members get ready for Medicare open enrollment by pointing them to this free website that provides step-by-step help to make Medicare work for them.

National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

Explore this valuable website that pinpoints the specific concerns, needs, and resources available to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender  (LGBT) older adults.

Taking Your Medicines Safely

Get this free train-the-trainer program to educate older adults about medication safety and the Poison Helpline.

United States of Aging

See the results of a survey of 4,000 older Americans to better understand seniors’ perspectives on aging, and how the country can better prepare for a booming senior population.

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