In Memoriam Martin McCarthy


We regret to announce the passing of Martin McCarthy, a man whose legal talents brought Project FIND into existence 46 years ago, at the tender age of 81.  A huge behind the scenes figure in the field of affordable and supportive housing, Martin played a pivotal role in the formation of all three of our residences – The Woodstock Hotel, Hamilton House and Hargrave House.  He was the negotiator you wanted on your side and a trusted friend whose involvement with Project FIND continued up until February of this year, only weeks before he closed his practice for good.  Motivated by a love of the City and a desire for economic and social justice, Martin brought his talents to bear on behalf of numerous other organizations, resulting in the creation of thousands of units of housing.  

We extend our condolences to his wife, Laura Jervis, a fellow houser and a pioneer in her own right at the West Side Senior and Supportive Housing and to her family. 

Thank you Martin and long live your work!


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