Recurring Contributions

Thank you for choosing to support our organization through a recurring donation. Your commitment to making a lasting impact is truly appreciated. By completing the donation process today, you are setting up a recurring monthly contribution that will help sustain our vital initiatives over time.  For example:

A gift of $50 provides an investment towards incentives for line staff who provide critical assistance to the day-to-day operations of our centers and housing facilities.

A gift of $100 funds hot, nutritious meals and warm blankets for 10 homeless individuals.

$250 supports expenses associated with essential staff leadership positions which oversees the organization's growing financial and operational infrastructure.

$500 supports day trips for older adults so they may visit cultural historic points of interest with other center members.

Assistance to some of New York City's most vulnerable residents has bolstered their lives and provided vital support. Here is an example: 

Mr. L., a retired New Jersey train conductor, is a 78-year-old Caucasian, homeless man. Divorced with one grown child, he moved out of the home he was living in with family when they objected to his periodic drug use. After moving away, Mr. L. began living in the Port Authority and started attending the Coffeehouse Older Adult Center for meals and several activities. Mr. L. has been a client of the Coffeehouse Social Worker since 2018, however, he was reluctant to apply for permanent housing preferring to remain at the Port Authority. After getting to know the social worker about how she could assist him with applications to help him gain permanent housing and other supports, he indicated interest in pursuing housing. Early on in his search for new housing, Mr. L. stayed in a shelter however he was beaten up several times and had personal items stolen while asleep. The social worker in conjunction with Breaking Ground’s street outreach team assisted him by finding placement in the YMCA’s Safe Haven. Mr. L. reports this placement has worked out well and he likes his two roommates.

Your contributions can change individual's lives.