Rhoda Glass, foster parent, bringing people and dogs together.


Rhoda Glass, foster parent, bringing people and dogs together.

 Smile.jpgRhoda has been rescuing and fostering dogs for 45 years and, over the last 11 years, she has fostered 287 dogs in need.  The dogs are with Rhoda for anywhere between 1 week to  2 months, depending on how healthy and well adjusted the dog is at the time of fostering. There are many sad stories of dogs being abused and abandoned, but with the love and help of rescue centers and foster homes, there are some very happy endings to the “tails”, and great dogs in loving homes.

All the dogs are spayed/neutered, micro chipped, up to date on shots and taken for a trip to the groomer.

Flyers are sent to prospective adopters and they are added to Facebook and other sites.  If interest is shown, application forms are filled out and, if suitable at this stage, they will have the opportunity to come and meet the dog in a home setting.  Rhoda has a good eye after all these years of fostering. References are then checked and, if approved, an adoption contract is drawn up.  Then the dog will go to its new home.

If the adoption doesn’t work out, which is very rare, the dog must be returned to Woof Dog Rescue to be placed up for adoption again.

Woof Dog Rescue Do have a look at the website, lots of happy stories and the dog pictures are adorable!




How cute is Jasper, don't think it will be long before he finds a home!

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