The Experience of Tangocise

Now feel the music, express yourself and enjoy the dance.  With or without a partner -- Tangocise is fun for all!



Fran Beaumont, a professional Argentine Tango dancer, offers this group experience where students are able to exercise in a meaningful way while also learning Argentine Tango movements.


Research has shown that Tango uses several beneficial forms of movement and has been linked to increased heart health, better balance, improved memory, and weight loss. Combine this with the benefits of social interaction and wonderful music; it results in a very positive experience.


Whatever the age or ability, anyone can participate. Dancing skills are certainly not the primary objective, but end up becoming an added benefit. The focus is on improving and enhancing posture and body awareness, strengthening the core, increasing balance, and utilizing range of motion with grace, fluidity and flexibility…all while connecting with the audio stimulation of music.


Most importantly it is fun for all and doesn’t require a dance partner!


The Class is FREE and you can click here to check out the schedule. Call 212-787-7710 for further information.



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