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Nutritious Tips On Kerala Fried Fish

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1) Be careful with the spice brands you use. Aim for preservative free spices. Many spices especially ground ginger, garlic and onion have preservatives that can cause upset stomach, headache or even allergic reactions. Preservatives to watch out for include sulfites, nutrites, benzoates and sorbates. They would be listed right where the ingredients are.

coconut_oil.jpg2) Indeed, coconut is one of the rare oils that has a high smoking point for frying. However, the flavorful paste can be just has thoroughly enjoyed with the fish if the sardines/mackerel are baked. Preheating the oven to 350F. The sardines/mackerel can bake for 10 minutes or until the skin is tender and white.


3) Add spinach to bottom off the serving dish or especially baking dish. The spinach helps soak the omega 3 from the skin that seeps when the sardines/mackerel are cooking and the taste of bittersweet spinach will also make the sardine/mackerel skin taste even more balanced and delicious since there is a strong flavor to the skin of sardine/mackerel but that is also where the most profound nutritional benefits are. 

lemon.jpg4) Before you bake the fish, you can add some juice of lemon to the fish to help the sardines/mackerel stay tender and moist while cooking. Lemon will also add more antioxidants and natural detoxifying properties.



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