What's Cooking Meets Clarisse

This week we had a chance to talk with Chef Clarisse and find out What's Cooking...nice_clarisse_shot_with_cooking_clams2.jpg

Clarisse delights in the Opera – particularly Strauss.  She also enjoys going to the theatre with friends – she has a spicy story about a show she saw on an Off-Broadway stage downtown – and she currently holds a season subscription to 2ndStage.   Today Clarisse is excited to share with us the history of her relationship with cooking.  When she was a young woman Clarisse enjoyed creating and sharing baked treats with friends; when raising four children, she carefully planned and prepared meals throughout the week for her family. 

Now, living with her husband Bill, who cooks most of their daily meals, Clarisse is cooking for fun – relishing in each step of the process.  She loves exploring recipe books and magazines in search of her next culinary creation.  She prefers working with fresh ingredients and particularly enjoys preparing seafood.  Clarisse says she is most drawn to recipes that promise a delicious taste that will be beautiful to behold when served.  Today Clarisse is preparing Linguine with Clams and she is planning to share it with her husband Bill and her son, David Gillcrist of Project FIND.

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