What's Cooking Meets Linda & Stuart...

together_1_edited-1.jpgLinda and Stuart invited What’s Cooking to join them in their weekly celebration of the 4 F’s – Friends, Fitness, Feast, Friday!  Combining their appreciation for cooking and fitness, Linda and Stuart have created a program for healthy living that combines healthy eating, restorative exercise, true friendship and some healthy servings of good fun!

Stuart met Linda 13 years ago when she was recovering from a spinal fusion procedure.  The procedure effected her ability to feel sensation in her fingers.  At that time, Stuart worked with Linda as her physical therapist.  And Linda has been doing physical therapy ever since.  Initially, to strengthen and recover, and after that, to maintain.

Over the years, Stuart has become Linda's trainer and friend.  Now he comes 3 times a week and they do exercises together – with balls, therabands and other equipment.  Their exercise program is aimed at keeping her fit and comfortable with basic activities of daily living.  As they became friends, they also discovered a shared love for cooking.  Incorporating cooking into their routine, Linda now shops online every Wednesday -- on Fridays, they cook a meal, exercise and feast together.

The recipe they prepared for What's Cooking, Linda discovered 50 years ago when she first moved to the city after completing school.  She found a version of this meal in a book of 10 minute recipes.  Over the years she has played with it, experimenting with different ingredient options.   The version that they shared here is her favorite!



What's Cooking also had a chance to meet Linda's cat!

Linda's cat is named Cappuccino or Cino for short.  He was an abandoned animal, literally tossed from a car.  Linda took him in — to keep him safe over-night – and he has been with her ever since.






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