Amazing Grace!


Project FIND has a multitude of hidden treasures, essential workers and fascinating individuals. One such character is Grace, a well known and much loved voluntary worker at the Coffee House Senior Center. Last week it was suggested that I arrange a short interview with her for the purposes of a blog entry. I was not disappointed! A native New Yorker, Grace was raised in Queens but now resides in the Bronx where she had previously worked with a different senior center, one of which there was a high demand for! It was at this senior center that Grace personally ensured the delivery of a substantial package of books for the institution to promote literacy among the senior population.Grace has only been with Project FIND for several months now, yet she evidently has a great passion for her role there. Indeed, she told me how she loves working with seniors and enjoys giving up her spare time for them. Alongside her work at Project FIND, Grace is a doctoral student of Public Administration who is currently working on her dissertation titled 'Seniors & Nutrition Education.' To assist with her work, Grace conducts a series of focus groups and one-on-one interviews with several seniors to better understand their patterns and needs for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Grace describes herself as a family person and an animal lover with a deep passion for reading. Impressively, Grace claims to read around a dozen books a week at the library! To her, burying herself in a good book is a calming habit that takes away some of the pressure of her academic studies. Undoubtedly, Grace is a passionate and unique individual that has brought so much to the seniors at Project FIND and beyond. It is only right to give her the credit that she so truly deserves!

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