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This new poem by Charles Mathis was recently featured in the The Hargarve Herald, a Project FIND newsletter that shares voices from the Hargrave community.

— Determined —

(but failing)

As I stepped off on my mission

the day could not have been more beautiful

the sun was brightly shining nurturing the

blooming flowers sending off the fragrant

smell of spring as life began to live again


But somewhere along the way it started to rain

a soaking to the skin kind of rain making me

wonder whether it was worth it yet on I trod

sloshing thru rivulets of water swirling angrily

around my feet thinking all the while that my

odyssey might turn out to be extremely disappointing


Still on I trod reaching for what is said to be unreachable

like fending off windmills with paper swords looking for

something you will never find because love that is not

equitable is not love especially unrequited love

- Charles Mathis


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