"Food for Thought" Serves Salmon - Bay to Table


This last Friday the "Food for Thought" at the Hamilton Annex welcomed Christopher Nicolson as our guest. 

He owns and operates Iliamna Fish Company in Bristol Bay Alaska which fishes sustainable wild sock eye salmon from small boats in the bay.  Bristol Bay is the only place in the world where salmon still live in their natal habitat and make their full unobstructed salmon runs. 

It was such a treat to have him talk and bring us some cured salmon which he had caught.  This is truly "bay to table" dining!
Have a great day!

The sustainability practices of the Iliamna Fish Company are really inspiring ...

"Biologists monitor some 15,000 streams during the spawning season, or "run" that occurs during the months of June and July. When sufficient numbers of fish have successfully entered spawning areas, we are allowed to fish. These diligent biologists assure that, instead of overfishing and destroying our way of life, we will be able to fish for years to come."

Learn More about this great model for sustainable fishing here


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