WHAT'S COOKING: Berry Interesting Facts

lueberries, papaya, strawberries and honey all have countless health benefits! 

Let's try and count them!  Also read about shopping for smoothie ingredients and recipes for three different kinds of smoothies!




Blueberries_Image.jpgBlueberries are known as one of the top super foods, with loads of health boosting benefits to offer.  They are packed full of antioxidants which can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cognitive impairment.  Blueberries are also high in vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps to support your immune system, helps control blood pressure and promotes healthy teeth and gums.  Eating blueberries is also a good way to keep up your intake of dietary fiber –which is important for digestive health.  Since blueberries are also low in fat and typically have around just 80 calories per serving, they are definitely a guilt-free and delicious healthy option to enjoy this summer.

 is another fantastically healthy and delicious ingredient in our smoothie recipes.  It’s packed full of the antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, which all boast many benefits for your health.  Vitamin A works in supporting your immune system health, and also plays a vital role in healthy vision.  Vitamin E is known for helping to promote healthy skin -- keep up your levels of Vitamin E to maintain that youthful glow!  Papaya is also a rich source of the enzymes papain and chymopapin.  These are important for digestion and the breakdown of protein into amino acids.  As we age our bodies produce fewer of these enzymes, so eating fruits like papaya can help to ensure your digestive system is running at its best!

Strawberry_Image.jpgSweet and juicy, strawberries are not only a delicious summery treat, but are incredibly good for you too!  Strawberries contain vitamin C which helps to promote eye health and healthy skin.  Vitamin C strengthens the eye’s cornea and retina, and reduces your risk of cataracts.  Vitamin C also plays a role in the production of collagen, which we start to lose as we age.  More collagen can improve the skin’s elasticity and resilience.  Another great property of strawberries is that they can help to reduce inflammation of joints!  Naturally low calorie, low in sugar, low in sodium and fat free, there’s no reason not to be diving into strawberries this summer!

Honey_Image.jpgWe'’ve used honey as a sweetener in our smoothie recipes today.  While honey may be high in calorie content, it is often considered a healthier choice than sugar because it contains vitamins and antioxidants, unlike the empty calories of sugar.  Amounts of these can vary according to the type of honey you buy, so make sure to check out the nutritional information on the jar when shopping.  Honey is more easily digestible than sugar and has a healthy GI (Glycemic Index) which means that the sugars in it are absorbed more gradually into the bloodstream which is better for your digestion.  This is important in maintaining a healthy weight, and it has been suggested that combining honey with other foods that promote weight loss can result in an effective weight loss supplement.  Since it is a natural source of carbohydrate, honey can help you to feel more energized as carbohydrates provide strength and energy to our bodies. 






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