Check Out These Three End of Life Websites

endoflife.pngConversations about end of life care can be emotional and difficult, not only on a personal level but within a family as well.  Now, more than ever there is a wealth of information and resources available on the internet to give people and their caregivers the tools to begin the conversation and make more concrete plans. 


The Conversation Project provides two services.  First, it serves as a hub for people to share their stories and experiences.  You can both submit your own story and browse through others.  The site also gives a “Starter Kit,” which is described as a guide to beginning the conversation.

The website says, “Whether you’re getting ready to tell someone what you want, or you want to help someone else get ready to talk, we hope the Starter Kit will be a useful guide.”

Prepare is another website for guiding you through the end of life process.  This site has more specific medical instructions.  It has a section about questions to ask doctors and also one about what kind of information you will need to formulate an end of life plan.  The format of the site is very user friendly, with a step-by-step survey to help you navigate to the page that is most useful to you.

The Life Matters Media Newswire is a site that aggregates all of the best information out there about end of life care.  The website says that it aims to be “a comprehensive portal of news related to the end of life and caregiving issues.”  In a blog style, the site has up to date posts on subjects ranging from hospice care to media perceptions of end of life situations.



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