Creative Aging Arts Day 2015

Project FIND presents

Creative Aging Arts Day 2015


Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 | 1:30-4:00 pm | Hamilton Innovative Senior Center



(New York City –June 16, 2015) Project FIND in collaboration with SPARC: Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide, presented a showcase of artwork, readings and performance created by seniors on Tuesday, June 16th at 1:30 pm at Hamilton Innovative Senior Center in Manhattan.  The center, located at 141 West 73rd Street, New York, NY 10023 between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues.  The event is free and open to the public. For more information, please contact David Kalal at (212) 874-0300 ext. 310 or [email protected].

The wide range of artwork displayed at the event are all creations of seniors from the various Project FIND centers who in fact collaborated with numerous artists who hosted a variety of assorted workshops. Some of the workshops incorporated include a printmaking class known as Print It!, led by resident artist Paul Ferrera, a poetry writing class  instructed by Michelle de Savigny, a watercolor painting class led by keen artist Duane Chenier, a performing arts class called Playwriting 101 headed by Phillip Gerson, a theater group managed by Herminio Vargas and two dance classes which include both line and belly dancing (conducted by Samara & Abbey).




The artwork, writings, and theatrical performances presented at the event were created by seniors from the Project FIND senior centers in collaboration with artists and writers who taught workshops and courses on printmaking, watercolor painting, poetry, dance, and theater. They are made possible with funding from the NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA) and the generosity of NYC Council Member Linda Rosenthal, and include:

Led by resident artist Paul Ferrara, is a printmaking class that explores the use of
printmaking using various medium


s and techniques.  The artists in the group create prints while exploring the principles of art and design and using basic materials, tools, and techniques of printmaking. They have visited various sites to learn more about the history of the art as well as to gain more hands-on experience with the printmaking technique. The unique creative power generated by age and experience is focused here on the transformation of these materials onto different mediums.

Poets at the Hamilton Senior Center come together weekly to create their own poems after reading and discussing the work of poets. The words and rhythms of established poets and peers provide inspiration. Writing takes place in class, followed by supportive feedback from peers and the instructor, Michelle de Savigny. This lively and prolific group has been meeting at the Hamilton Senior Center since 2010. It’s open to newcomers, and is a mix of experienced writers and those new to the pleasures of poetry. Recently, the group published their own book with their collections titled, “Hidden in the Light.”

When Duane Chenier retired from the hotel business ten years ago he took up watercolor painting as a hobby. He liked this kind of art because, as he puts it, it is a “mobile medium.” This mobility had him taking his paint set out in front of the ever-changing landscapes of the New York City parks.


“I’d see these older people sitting in the parks just staring into space,” he said. Duane was convinced that painting in the park was the perfect way to focus this attention, to give a sense of purpose and enliven the experience of older New Yorker who enjoy observing the city. He decided that he would make this happen by teaching a class. He discovered Project FIND and became a weekly fixture. Works from his current class, as well as works from his classes throughout the last decade, will be presented at the Creative Aging Arts Day.

For More Information and Images from this class:


Playwriting 101, Phillip Gerson was paired up with us through Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.  He is a Georgia Native, who is passionate working with seniors and the performing arts.  He currently instructs our Playwriting class which focuses on reading, writing, and performing screenplays. The seniors are actively involved and enjoy their weekly assignments.  Phillip is involved with various theater groups and has done a few readings with the seniors outside of our center. We are calling all actors to please come and participate in this fun filled class.


Theater Group, Our theater group is peer run by our seniors.  The leader, Herminio Vargas, keeps it lively and fresh.  They have been preparing for a few performances using improvisation, which is a different style for our seniors. The class is always seen in great spirits and laughing together.  The peers give each other pointers in ways to better improve their performances.  They have created a family together in this performing art class.

Belly Dancing, Samara has been teaching the Belly Dance class for over two years.  The seniors genuinely love taking dance classes.  Samara has made the environment energetic and fun for the seniors.  The style is a work out as well, so it targets both recreational and physical aspects.

Line Dancing, Abbey Plotkin is a lively person who makes dancing fun – that time just seems to escape us. Abbey makes the atmosphere like you’re out on the town! The seniors follow Abbey wherever she’s teaching within our organization. This group really knows how to get down!


 About Project FIND: Project FIND’s mission is to provide low- and moderate-income and homeless seniors with the services and support they need to enrich their lives and live independently. Today Project FIND operates three supportive housing residences that are home to about 600 people and four senior centers with over 3,000 members. Our members and residents range from the healthy and active to the frail and homebound to the homeless. For all of these men and women, Project FIND is a critical resource, providing housing, meals, and programs that help individuals navigate the challenges of aging by encouraging community engagement and healthy living.

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