Poetry by Esther Lazarson


Esther was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, and brought up on English Literature. A huge admirer of Ernest Dowson, her favorite poem is NON SUM QUALIS ERAM BONAE SUB REGNO CYNARAE .

Esther has been writing poetry since she was 69 and hasn't stopped since!

Esther is now 91 and her book 'Everyday Poems for Everyday People' was published on Amazon when she was 89. 

Please find two of Esther's favorite poems that she has written, Ode to Laughter please click for the video and 'What a Relief'.


Ode to Laughter


Laughter, dear essential laughter

You have no power to lift

The grief of parents whose young ones

Scarce-weaned, are killed in battle.

You have no power against the hurt

That attacks when loved ones are lost

By nature or by murderous hands.

Laughter, you have your limitations.


But, when it comes to the dribs and drabs

Of every day, you are mighty.

I had a thought while standing at the sink,

In marriage, men are the providers,

In marriage, women are the deciders.

I roared my head off in admiration

At my brilliant rhyming insight.

This was drinkless intoxication.


The sparing couple look at each other,

Burst out laughing, forget their fight,

Those alone and lonely feel less deprived

When your presence sparks delight,

And if my mood hurts like a wound,

Your merry-go-round gives its healing start.

You are born when a babe first smiles

And vanquish boredom till we depart!



Esther Lazarson                        November 2013



What a Relief


I had a dinner I didn’t make

At the Hamilton Senior Centre

It wasn’t halibut or steak

It was vegetable lasagna


My mouth had a happy surprise

So many different flavors

A meal more tastier and more healthy

Than my best endeavor


So thank you, Hamilton Senior Center

For your thoughtful invitation

For two dollars I can have a banquet

In good company and with conversation















Esther Lazarson                               July 2014













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