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How To Stay Young: revealing the secrets to healthy brain aging - 

The BBC1 show, fronted by 71-year-old Angela Rippon, had plenty of ideas on how to stave off cognitive decline and keep the brain healthy on How To Stay Young, a two-part programme in the UK -- looking at how to age well, in both body and mind.

Presenters Angela Rippon and Dr Chris van Tulleken were investigating the many different factors that can affect the health of your brain as you age, and the things you can do to help keep it sharp.

This meant carrying out tests that looked at two groups of seniors – one that had regular table tennis sessions and one that had regular walking sessions. The idea would be to see if the aerobic benefits of walking would be more or less effective than the hand-eye co-ordination benefits of table tennis. Afterwards, the two groups were given cognitive tests, and while walking came out on top for physical brain improvements, the social and mood-boosting benefits of table tennis also had a strong effect on brain health. The end advice seemed to be you should enjoy a brisk walk on the way to your table tennis session to reap the most benefits…

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