Izzy Block Party 2014


Our Annual "Izzy Block Dinner Party" in memory of poet and performer and long time Woodstock resident Isidore Block, the Poet-O of Central Park, took place at Woodstock Senior Center.

Click on the link Below to listen to one of Isodore Block's Poem recited by Poet and Writer, and Woodstock's tenant, John DiSanto.

More About Isodore Block:

Adieu, Poet-O: Bell-Ringer of Central Park Slips Away

If Central Park were a woman and had just one beau, he would be a hunched, shiny-scalped man named Isidore Block. When Isidore Block dies, which could be soon, a bereft Central Park will surely mourn his loss. Mr. Block, 82, is a man you probably saw. He shuffled around the park with a bell he’d ask you to ring. His shoes spliced open for comfort, pushing an old stroller, he made the park his salon. He reminded you of Ed Koch, with the same wispy white side-hairs, door-knocker nose and nasal yet soothing voice.

Read more at http://observer.com/2003/04/adieu-poeto-bellringer-of-central-park-slips-away/#ixzz2zonuRdsz





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