RIP Joe Franklin - January 24, 2015

We were saddened to hear of Joe’s passing this weekend, even though his life was long, deep and uniquely lived.  For Joe was our special celebrity, a person who came to all of our events, was game for any forum and ever ready with a quick joke from his deep repository. 

When I first became Executive Director of Project FIND in 2007, Joe emceed our first Apartment Beautiful contest at the Woodstock Hotel and then hosted a special episode of his show that featured the winners of the contest.  Later he humored us with his Joe on Joe Interview developed for our 2008 Gala where we fittingly honored him. 

Long after he remained a beautiful  presence in our lives, and we an audience he always wanted to play to.

So Long Joe,

David Gillcrist, Executive Director

Project FIND


New York Times Obituary

The Village Voice : Joe Franklin Made Boredom Beatific




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