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Homeless Statistic:  Over the past year, the number of homeless people sleeping each night in the New York City shelter system increased by seven percent, from 50,135 people in January 2013 to 53,615 people in January 2014, the highest level ever recorded.

Homeless Statistic: The number of homeless single adults sleeping each night in the New York City shelter system rose five percent to 11,342 women and men, a new all-time record.

Homeless Statistic: Over the course of FY 2013, more than 111,000 different New Yorkers turned to the homeless shelter system, five percent more than the previous year.

At our Times Square Center Project FIND:

  • Provides a safe space where homeless seniors can shower, get clean clothes and a meal
  • Connects them with a social worker who can obtain all entitlements for which they're eligible
  • Assesses their need for medical and mental health services with an onsite clinic
  • Reconnect homeless seniors with supportive networks of family and friends
  • Work with them to determine the most appropriate housing options and support them as they make the transition off life on the streets


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