Legacy Leaders

                                           Project FIND’s Legacy Leaders - Fact Sheet

Q. What are Project FIND’s Legacy Leaders?

Our Legacy Leaders are a special group of donors who have made a provision for Project FIND in their estate plans.

Q. What are the benefits of joining?

As a Project FIND Legacy Leader, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have made an impact on the daily lives and futures of hundreds of New York City’s older adults. You’ll know that your support will directly help underwrite our array of offerings, including housing, essential meals, activities, and social service supports.

You will receive invitations to special events organized for Project FIND’s Legacy Leaders, and you will have the option of listing your name as a Project FIND Legacy Leader in our Annual Report & Calendar.

Q. How can I join?

By naming Project FIND in your estate plan, either through making a gift in your will or by adding Project FIND’s name as the beneficiary of a retirement fund, life insurance policy, savings or checking account, IRA or stocks.

Q. How do I make a gift to Project FIND through my will?

By naming Project FIND as a beneficiary in your will for:

A specific amount
A percentage of your estate

For the remainder of your estate, after all the expenses and heirs have been taken care of

This following information needs to be included in your will:

1. The official name of the organization: FIND Aid for the Aged, Inc.
2. Project FIND’s tax identification number: #132666921

3. Project FIND’s business address:

160 West 71st Street, Suite 2F New York, NY 10023

For more information, please contact:

Kathleen Fitzgibbons,
Director of Development and External Relations
212-874-0300, ext. 210
[email protected]