Meet Dale!


Dale is a prolific artist who lives at Project FIND’s Woodstock Hotel.  He creates collages, paintings, and drawings – it is no wonder that he blends colorful fruit and vegetables to make masterpiece smoothies as well!  

Dale explains that it is important, especially as we age, to continue to think, analyze and adjust. In the past few months, Dale has made some big changes in his eating and exercise habits.  The result is that Dale has lost weight and is feeling fit.  Just as he considers each element involved in his artwork, Dale thinks through each ingredient he takes into his body.  By choosing a nutritious smoothie snack over a Cola, for example, he is making healthy choices that keep him creating and moving. 

And speaking of moving, another healthy tip Dale shared with us – instead of walking past the stairs to get to the elevator – take the stairs! Check out Dale’s recipes that are nutritious, delicious, quick and easy! 

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