WHAT'S COOKING: Microwave Cooking!

Microwaves are often dismissed as simply a way of reheating and defrosting food, but this is by no means all that they can do.  If you take a little time to learn how to use the multiple settings and how these can cook foods in different ways, it’s possible to create some great tasting and healthy dishes.

Also find out about the recipe, the chefs and the health benefits of this meal.  


Many people are skeptical about microwave cooking believing that it is an unhealthy way to cook food, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Microwaving is actually one of the healthiest ways you can cook.  Microwaves work by using electromagnetic waves which cause the water molecules in food to move and collide, which produces heat.  This means food is cooked from the inside and more quickly.  This is good news when it comes to nutritional value, as when foods are cooked some of the nutrients they contain break down.  A shorter cooking time means that less of the nutrients are lost.  It’s also not necessary to add any fat or oil when microwaving which helps keep meals healthier.  Foods will also retain their color better, so not only is your meal better for you, but it also looks better too!Corn_in_Microwave.jpg

Considering how busy our can get these days, a quicker cooking time is certainly an advantage.  Instead of slaving over the stove, you can just set the microwave to cook and carry on with other things while it’s cooking.  Microwaves also save on energy since you use them for less time and they don’t require any pre heating like a conventional oven would.  So using a microwave could help you to cut down on your energy bills too.

When cooking in a small area, another problem can be that it gets very hot and smells from cooking tend to linger.  Using a microwave is ideal as it won’t heat up the room, which is especially good when cooking in the hot and humid summer months!  It also saves on mess as you need fewer pots and pans and it’s quick and easy to clean.  A top tip to get rid of any lingering odors, is to put a container with some lemon in the microwave and allow it to boil.  This will leave your microwave smelling clean and fresh.  



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