Poetry by Lourdes Rao


Following two Masters degrees, one in Nursing, another in MBA, from New York University, then working in the hospital field and also in the corporate world of AT&T, Lourdes is now a full time retiree enjoying leisure time and travel – also participating in many activities being offered at the Hamilton Senior Center, considering members of this Senior Center her extended family.

Lourdes tends to write in a declarative narrative, straight from the gut, trying to end with a humorous twist.

Please find two of Lourdes' latest poems which are both free verse—devoid of conscious rhyme and rhythm. DIM-SUM and  A POEM WAITING TO HAPPEN.



There used to be in my neighborhood

A multitude of Chinese restaurants.

There's Cantonese, there's Mandarin,

Szechuan, with its fiercely spicy accoutrements.


Then one by one, they disappeared,

When climbing rents forced them to cease Including my old perennial favorite, Ollie's''

Few now still exist

The Hunans, the Szechuans, with

the long term lease

Or they evolved into much fancier feast.


Some newcomers are taking over,

The Thailand, the Vietnamese

The Japanese lento box, come with

a higher price tag,

Some evolved into fusion or Fusha

Offering Asian food combinations

Soon became the staple in Broadway's main drag.


Recently a Burmese lady invited me

To China town deep in the bowels of Bowery, A huge cavernous gaudily clad, Tables and chairs of four to ten adventurers, Armed with chopsticks in their hand,


Ladies in white pushing rolling trays,

circling around their hungry prey,

Steamed delicacies in cute round bamboo containers, There's beef, there's shoo Mai, there's chashobau, Mini egg rolls, shrimps and vegetables in sticky cocoons, there's moon cake, and custard cake for dessert


We bonded, all six of us as we swung into the foray, Comparing notes on the flavor, the texture, the exotic taste, Ms. Burma then ordered three more trays of delicious finger foods, What was it, we asked-- Why it is chicken feet!!

And we all laughed!!!


Lourdes Rao 07/06/2014





Seven aspiring poets

And three missing ones-

one in the hospital getting over an event, One went to heaven, And one is on a trip to become unbent.

All awaiting for their leader to come.


Irwin, the wisest harbinger

Said he got a message,

Echoed by Lourdes who glanced at her cell, Confirming Michelle, the leader was on her way


“Please write a poem and give each other a feedback, I will definitely be there.

Just a little patience, I know you will oblige, You are my family too, I know you all so well I can almost predict one each one will say.


Irwin who will confer with Anita, his spiritual muse, Will reiterate – life is everlasting, there is no one to schmooze.

Marie's will be short, tart, staccato but dig really deep.

Gun will talk about past personal displeasures full of regret Vendetta at times, but triumphant at best.

Barbara will be a funny and articulate comedienne, Will describe whimsical out of body experiences.


Roberta will be deep and abstract to express her discontent, about certain categories and certain causes.

Evelyn who is not here will talk about her better half or her father, how and why she got slapped also her common and uncommon travelogues,


Then, there is Lourdes, who is all over the place; no rhyme or reason she'll say whatever is on her mind, But Patricia, God bless her politics and candor about all the world's injustices, her passion about world ecology, will quote figures and stats to prove her philosophy.


Let's see, who is left,

Otto, on his perch up above will smile

“Mere mortals, I' ll compete with their wiles.

Ray Lamb, who is missed will draw on his past.

And leave everyone surprised and aghast.”


Lourdes Rao 06/12/2014



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