Project Find 2013 Talent Show at Woodstock

We would like to welcome all seniors to 2013 Talent Show returned to Woodstock Senior Center this year. Returned and new Talents performers are from Woodstock, Hamilton and Hamilton Annex Senior Centers. The Contestants would be dancers, Harmonica and guitar players and Many more. Raffle Prizes and Trivia Contest in Prizes for audience. This Show that is our 5th Talent show is dedicated to our former contestant Burel Thomas, who passed away this year.

Contestants are:

1.  Sam Ulano – Woodstock

2.  Manuel Loja – Hargrave

3.  Rose Paris – Hamilton

4. Ismael Rivera - Woodstock

5. Paul Bazemore – Hargrave

6. Jan Davis – Woodstock

7. Jo Marchese - Hamilton

8. Mike Murray – Hamilton

9. Phillip Lucas – Woodstock

10. Leah Silverman - Hamilton

11. Elaine Habib – Hamilton

12. Henry Irby – Woodstock

13. Peter Brennan – Woodstock

14. John DiSanto - Woodstock

15. Connie Bartusis - Hamilton


We would like to thank the Woodstock Senior Center for hosting the show.


Address:       127 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

Date:            Thursday May 23rd 2013

Time:            3:00 - 5:00 PM


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