Project FIND to Honor FAPC at 2017 Gala



Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church was a central part of a group of dedicated community organizations and activists who joined together and founded Project FIND back in 1969. Over the decades since we have continued to work together always with a focus on helping the most vulnerable of our fellow New Yorkers — homeless people, the mentally ill, the elderly, to find the shelter and services they need.

This long history of helping others continues to this day, FAPC volunteers at our Coffeehouse Senior Center are famed for not only their hard work preparing and serving meals, the only food many of our seniors will have, but for going above and beyond— mixing, mingling, chatting, helping out on the computers and in so many other ways – always bringing a noticeably joyful atmosphere to their time at Project FIND. They are particularly loved by our seniors, as Fifth Avenue Presbyterian is particularly esteemed and admired by us all. We are thrilled to be able to honor this historic and rich fellowship between our organizations.

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