Restorative Yoga


Restorative Yoga with Eberly Mareci

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition which teaches how to use positions of the body and breathing to promote health and well-being. Yoga positions work to stretch, strengthen and align the body. The breathing techniques and meditation quiet and discipline the mind.

Restorative yoga is a special kind of yoga in which props are used to support the body for deep relaxation and healing. Bolsters, pillows, blocks, straps, and blankets are used to help position people correctly in yoga poses. With this support, people of all physical conditions, ages, shapes and sizes find comfort and ease in yoga poses

Eberly Mareci is experienced in yoga for seniors and for people with chronic illnesses. Her students lie on mats, but anyone who is unable to get up and down easily does the movements in a chair. Restorative yoga is therapeutic for people who are stiff or have some pain, and also helps those with anxiety and shortness of breath.

Eberly Mareci has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga for over 17 years and a teacher of yoga for over seven. Although Eberly works primarily with people over 50 and those with chronic illness or pain, she has taught people from all walks of life, in classes and individually. Eberly draws on her diverse background to create soothing, healing sessions.

Eberly is certified in Rasa Yoga, a gentle, flowing yoga practice based on Ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine from India. She practices tai chi, has studied and taught circus yoga, and is trained in “embodied anatomy,” a discipline which includes in-depth study of anatomy, and explores the relationship of yoga with the body’s systems and developmental movement patterns Eberly also works as a professional writer and, with a Ph.D. in English, has taught writing and literature for many years, currently at Marymount Manhattan College.

Eberly learned the style of yoga shown on this video at Rasa Yoga on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where she took 300 hours of Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training, studying with Ketul Arnold, Beth Biegler, and Luther Kinney. Her teaching is also strongly influenced by many years of practice of a diverse array of yoga styles and her training in Body-Mind Centering™ and yoga with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She has taught this style of gentle, healing yoga at Rasa, DOROT, the JCC, and privately.

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