Rummikub, A Winner's Guide!



Every Monday, Wednesday & Sunday at 12:30pm a small collective of residents from the Hamilton Senior Center gather to play a selection of various board games. One such game which features quite frequently is the famous 'Rummikub'. The main objective of the game is for the players to try and rid themselves of all their allocated tiles which are numbered 1-9 in a variety of colors. Each player starts off with a total of fourteen tiles and must align them into patterns based on color and number in order to progress. The first player to relieve themselves of all their tiles is the winner! Below is a simplified guide on how to become an accomplished Rummikib competitor, enjoy!

1) Every player is required to produce a pattern that calculates to at least thirty for their first turn. If you don't have any patterns that add up to this and find yourself constantly picking up more tiles, don't fret! A large arsenal of tiles can become beneficial down the line, especially when other players can't seem to place their few remaining tiles.

2) Your turn can take as long as you like so be careful to thoroughly double-check every option before you allow the next player to continue. You may find yourself discovering a pattern that went unnoticed the first time, and that could be the difference between you winning and losing!

3)Keep an eye on the tiles that come back and forth, that way you can try to intercept what tiles your opponent has and use this to your advantage.

4) DO NOT let your opponents catch a glimpse of your own tiles! Keep them close to you and well hidden so that you can keep them guessing about what your next move is going to be.

5)Don't be too eager to rid yourself of all your tiles so fast. If you find yourself with a large war chest at the beginning, remember to save some for later. The patterns constantly shift and the required tiles can change drastically in just one turn. Hold on to your patterns, no one can take them unless you place them on the table so be mindful of this.

6) When possible, use your opponents' turn against them! You may find your competitors rolling out the red carpet for you by setting down patterns that correspond with your own tiles. If so then don't waste this opportunity, again it can be the difference between you winning and losing.

7) If you have a joker tile, utilize it wisely. A joker tile is incredibly handy as it can fit anywhere to make up any pattern you need, so don't be flippant by parting ways with it so easily. It's a valuable tile, only use it when you have to!

 8) Lastly, practice makes perfect! The more you play, the more cunning a competitor you will become! Of course, there is always a bit of luck involved so let's hope it favors you, you'll need it if you want to stand a chance against the well seasoned adversaries at the Hamilton!

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