Saute à la Meunière  à la Alpha


- Lemon                             - Olive Oil

- Flour                                - Butter

- Parsley                            - Salt and Pepper

- 6 pieces of Tilapia



Cut half a lemon into wedges and squeeze juice over fish (remove seeds).  Add a pinch of salt and pepper.  Roll fish in the juice and let it absorb.

Dip fish in flour and be sure to cover each piece completely

Pour olive oil into pan and cover the bottom of the pan, set temperature on medium/high.

Once hot, add fish to pan and brown on each side.  Note: thicker pieces will need to cook longer.  Once done, remove fish from pan.

While pan is still hot, wipe out any flour, left over from the fish, with a paper towel. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!

Drop two heaping spoons of butter into the pan over a low flame.

Using the remaining lemon wedges squeeze juice into the pan (remove any seeds).

Sprinkle parsley into the pan.  (Depending on your taste you can also add dill.)

Stir for a few minutes and then return fish to the pan. Let fish simmer for a minute or two.  Use a spoon to pour the sauce over the tops of the fish as it heats.

Serve on a plate with a fresh sprig of parsley and a wedge of lemon on the side.

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