Security At Hargrave #2: Come Fly With Me


Project FIND has a large number of individuals working and living within it, many come from interesting backgrounds and have intriguing tales to disclose. Following on from the previous entry on a member of the security team at Hargrave House, here is a further glimpse into an additional staff member from the same team. Debbie, an actual resident of Hargrave House keeps watch over the desk at weekends and has been doing so since early 2013 after moving into the residence in late 2012. Like many others involved with the organisation, Debbie is a native New Yorker and grew up in Long Island, yet despite this she has lived right across the USA in locations such as Florida, Dallas and Seattle. Her employment background stems mainly from a long career with American Airlines (an experience which has given her a keen taste for travel!) and a position as a director within a marketing company. As a younger lady Debbie was an ardent sports player, these days she still likes to keep active by being a frequent walker and also an enthusiastic member of the New York natural history museum. A membership of which she is both proud and passionate about! To her, being a member of the security team at Hargrave is a small yet convenient job free from any overarching pressure. Outgoing by nature it also gives her the chance to meet the various residents of the house! Everyone at Hargrave and Project FIND has their own unique story to tell, Debbie's own tale is simply another addition to a large web of backgrounds, experiences and personalities that make up Project FIND!

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