The Poets Of Project FIND #3


Last week, another generous resident of Project FIND was courteous enough to share with me an additional self-written poem. Lourdes Rao of the Hamilton Senior Center calls this piece 'A Day In The Museum.' Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this particular poem due to it's unique style, theme and elegance. I have been so privileged here at Project FIND to meet and listen to so many talented poets, all of whom were delighted to share with me their works. The poem is shown below, enjoy!


There once was a lady.

Whose name was Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney,

so rich and cultured was she

she thought she'd build a museum

to celebrate the art history of the United States.

from the beginning of the 20th century to the current.


Transported from the upper 75th and Madison

10 years in the making. Thanks to some

other benefactors named Rudin.

What a thing of beauty!


They titled it “America is Hard to See'

comes from Robert Frost poetry

eight floors of iconic art.

Arranged chronologically.

From the earliest collections on the eighth

Coming down the steps to the most recent.


Georgia O’Keeffe using pink and blue.

Boldly displayed

the 1930s and 40s, come next.

Touches of international Surrealism .


Calder's famous Circus sculpture

prominently represented with similar works,

abstract forms by de Kooning Mitchell and Jackson Pollack.

Others' works, mostly famous and some not so famous

by my inexperienced eyes.


Two upper floors offer panoramic views.

Expansive sights of the western boundaries.

Dynamic moving sculptures.

Authored by new budding artists.


The seventh floor with picture perfect views

Floor to ceiling windows open to the Hudson River

Lovingly hugged by the cumulus clouds above.


Gentrification almost complete

gone are the hanging sides of beef

Replaced by delicate French eateries,

And eclectic famous designers, lined for the eyes to see

Signs of progress, au revoir to the past

Welcome to Whitney, new ART Capital of the World!

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