To Conclude...


Quite simply, eight weeks was not long enough! Indeed, this summer has gone in faster than no other in my lifetime. Regrettably, this will be my final entry of the Project FIND diaries as this my last day as an intern with the organisation. To conclude here is a short list of my favorite aspects of Project FIND and some of my own personal highlights during my time here:


1) Hargrave House: Before I arrived I was warned that my accommodation for the summer would be very small and standard. Perhaps I'm easily pleased, but after living at Hargrave for eight weeks I have to disagree. Hargrave provided me with ample space, convenient facilities, independent living, security and above all else friendly neighbors and staff. I will sorely miss my 'little apartment' on 71st street!

2) Flexibility: My role here has been so flexible and everyone has looked out for me from day one. It wouldn't surprise me if someone struggled with a brand new job in an unfamiliar city such as NYC. Yet I have not struggled for one minute, thanks to my fantastic support network here at Project FIND.

3) The Weather: The ancient Romans called Ireland' 'Land Of The Winter'... enough said.

4) Convenience: The accessibility of everything here in NYC is incredible and it will be missed when I return to my much smaller surrounding in my own native City (the transport system especially).

5) The People: The people here in this city, or more specifically at Project FIND will be missed by me the most. As I already mentioned, this organisation is full of supportive and caring individuals that have so much to offer. It was a privilege to work alongside them. That also goes for the residents too of course! There are far too many to name, but I'm sure they all know who they are!

In conclusion, I would like to thank the staff and residents of Project FIND for selecting me, looking out for my welfare and treating me as their equal in my short time here. Whoever gets this position this time next year is a very lucky individual indeed.

That's all folks!

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