WHAT'S COOKING... Laura's Healthy High Tea

Laura_Cooking.jpgThis summer I have been working as an intern at Project FIND as part of the Winant Clayton Volunteers exchange program.  I recently organised a "Healthy High Tea" which was held at Hargrave House, read about my time at Project FIND and the high tea here...

Also read about how I made the High Tea healthy, how to make a Victoria Sandwich cake and the tradition of High Tea



Each year Winant Clayton sends a group of volunteers known as the “Claytons” from London to New York City, and another group, known as the “Winants,” from New York City to London.  Volunteers then spend eight weeks taking part in community work.  This can involve anything from working with children, the homeless, those with mental health issues, to the elderly.  Laura_and_Marie.jpgI was placed here at Project FIND and have been staying in Hargrave House where I have enjoyed getting to know some of my neighbors.  Everyone here has been so friendly and I have felt really welcomed into the community. 

While working in the main office I have been involved with a number of projects, writing articles and doing interviews for the website, and visiting and attending events at the senior centers.  One project which I have been working on since I have been here is “What’s Cooking”.  This aims to promote healthy eating and cooking among the people living in our residences or who are members of our senior centers.  Residents can volunteer a favorite recipe which they then demonstrate how to prepare.  This is then available on the Project FIND website along with additional information about nutrition and shopping tips for example.

As part of this project I decided to share a British tradition with all the people I have met at Hargrave.  Therefore I held a “Healthy High Tea”.  A British high tea is a real treat enjoyed on special occasions, so it is not exactly designed to be low calorie and low fat!  It typically includes tea served with sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, followed by sweet cakes.  However, in keeping with “What’s Cooking”, I adapted some of the traditional foods to incorporate healthier aspects, such as adding fresh fruit and swapping the calorie laden clotted cream for crème fraîche. People_at_High_Tea.jpg

The high tea certainly proved a hit with the residents of Hargrave.  On Thursday 8th August, many of them came to the lobby of Hargrave where they were able to enjoy trying the foods and different variety of teas on offer.  Some people even brought their own teacups in which to have their tea served and wore hats to channel the sophisticated British look!  It was such a lovely event and a great end to my time here at Project FIND.  Take a look at the photos here…     

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