WHAT'S COOKING... Shopping for Salmon

Tin_of_Salmon.jpgIf you're looking for the best price for this week's ingredient, red salmon, then look no further.  Find out the best places to buy it here!  

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Salmon is an extremely popular choice of fish due to its mild and delicate flavor; however it has also got a reputation for being somewhat expensive. That’s why we’ve checked out the price of canned red salmon at your local stores and online to make sure you can get the best deal!  It is also worth noting that this recipe does create a large quantity, so although it might seem expensive buying the salmon, the amount of food which it yields makes it quite cost effective since you can get more than one meal out of it.  It would also be possible to use a smaller tin of salmon if you don’t want quite such a large quantity.  Or why not try adapting the recipe and making a spread using other types of canned fish?      

Here are some price comparisons for red salmon in your local stores:Salmon_Prices_Local.jpg

Or if you like to shop online:




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