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This week we are cooking with Marie Robison, a resident at Hargrave House.  Marie came to the building at the beginning of the year and since then has enjoyed settling into life at Hargrave.  She explained that she is very happy in her new home since “everyone is so friendly”.  Although she cooks a lot more simply for herself these days, Marie enjoys cooking and in the past has created delicious spreads when entertaining.

Also take a look at this week's recipe, along with some interesting information about the healthy benefits of salmon, and where to shop for it.    


Marie is sharing a favorite recipe of hers for a salmon spread.  This is a recipe she has used when entertaining and at parties which has proved very popular.  “Everyone just loved it...” she explained, “…someone always wanted the recipe.”  The recipe was given to her by a friend, and although it has been shared and altered among her friends, she herself believes the original is so good, it needs no improvement.  Salmon_Close_Up.jpgAs well as making a fantastic spread, it can also be used as delicious sandwich filler.  Marie explained this is what she likes to do with any leftovers she has, though it is usually so popular there isn’t much left!  It’s also quick and easy to make so if you want a nice simple meal to prepare just for yourself it is ideal.  Salmon is extremely good for you and provides many important nutritional benefits.  This recipe is great to use in the summer when temperatures soar and the idea of cooking in a hot kitchen isn’t very appealing.  It would make an ideal dish to serve if you are having a friend over for lunch, try pairing it with a salad for a tasty, healthy and light summer meal.Marie_and_Painting.jpg     

As well as being a great cook, Marie is also a talented artist and has been painting her whole life.  She enjoys experimenting with different mediums, working with oils, collage, wax and water colors amongst others.  Using these she creates bold beautiful works of art full of texture, expression and vibrancy.  Marie used to live and work in Florida, where she would sell her paintings, usually at fairs or festivals where you can sell direct to customers on the street.  She explained she prefers this approach, as often people like to meet and talk with the artist about their work.  These days she doesn’t tend to sell her work as much, but still enjoys painting and creating pieces from her home.  She is also a member of the West Side Arts Coalition.  She was encouraged to join this so as to be able to share her work more easily.  If you would like to see some of her work, then you can visit their website.  

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