What's Moving meets Fran Beaumont

On January 29, 2014 What's Moving had the opportunity to watch Fran Beaumont, creator of Tangocise™, demonstrate the Tango with her student William Suda.  Take a look...



Fran holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education and has extensive experience teaching all ages from infancy to senior adults in both group settings and on an individual basis.

After several exciting years of competitive ballroom dancing, Fran became a professional Argentine Tango dancer and continues to perform and teach in this area.

Her combined education and dance backgrounds, have made Fran a multifaceted instructor. She utilizes her knowledge of body mechanics, combined with techniques geared to help students develop and maintain effective movements to make each experience both physically beneficial and enjoyable. Whatever the age or proficiency level, all lessons are customized to meet individual needs and interests. Additionally, as an experienced student of Pilates and Feldenkrais, and background from the Arthritis Foundation for Exercise Teachers, she is also able to understand and address specific needs of individuals with limited range of motion.

Fran, a senior herself at 66 years old, created Tangocise™, as a group experience where students are able to exercise while also learning to dance Argentine Tango. She is a wonderful example and role model for seniors teaching seniors.


The Class is FREE and you can click here to check out the schedule. Call 212-787-7710 for further information.


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