Yoga with Tom Campo

Tom Campo’s encouragement and advice – in Spanish and English -- enliven a yoga class that starts out with gentle and slow movements and progresses over the course of an hour to more invigorating exercise.

Tom’s popular class is appropriate for seniors at any level of fitness. “The only requirement,” says Tom, “is that you’re breathing!” The first half of the class is “chair yoga,” done while sitting. The rest is done in a standing position. Tom encourages his class to remain seated if they are more comfortable that way. Participants who are very fit do the most challenging version of the exercises.

Yoga works by progressively and safely stretching the muscles of the body. The poses help increase the body’s range of motion. Many of the poses of yoga also increase muscle strength. Tom leads the class through breathing exercises. “Listen to your body,” he reminds his students. “Fitness for living life, my dear friends!”

Tom Campo has been teaching yoga for over 25 years. He travels to senior centers all over New York City, tailoring his classes to meet the needs of the different communities he serves. Tom likes teaching yoga to older adults because their priorities are good: they are interested first and foremost in their health and well-being.

Tom studied yoga for years at the Integral Yoga Institute under its founder and spiritual guide guru Swami Satchidananda. This approach combines various methods of yoga with meditation and prayer. Tom’s classes reflect this: they are both invigorating and meditative. He encourages his students to live full lives, to treat their bodies well, and to be good to themselves and each other.