WHAT'S COOKING: Shopping for July 4th Smoothie Ingredients!

Shopping for Smoothies has never been easier in New York City.  There are many local farmers markets, which are a great place to get quality fresh produce that is flavorful and healthy.

Also read about health benefits of berries and the recipes for the smoothies we made!


One such market is the Columbia Greenmarket, located on Broadway between 114th & 116th Streets.  This market is open on Sundays and Thursdays and would be an ideal place to pick up the fruit and berries you need to make these smoothies.  Go to the Greenmarket website for more information and to find the farmers’ market closest to you.  If you are on the upper west side, you can also check out MyUpperWest for more information on nearby green markets.

Today we shopped at Fairway for our 4th of July Smoothies.  Fairway offers a vast selection of produce, yogurts, milk, honey and spices.   Click here to find Fairway on a map and for more information about hours and alternate locations.

What’s Cooking Tip: Fairway and the Farmers Markets both accept EBT cards – so go ahead and use your SNAP benefits on healthy, vitamin- rich produce!


About What's Cooking:

There is always something simmering at Project FIND and our latest initiative may be our tastiest yet!  Located in the heart of New York City, the food capital of the world, Project FIND is ready to ask the burning question: what’s cooking?

With a rich mix of ethnic traditions and cultures represented, our community is a fantastic source for tips on healthy eating, resourceful shopping and inventive cooking.  This summer we will stir up some great meal ideas that are healthy and easy to prepare.  

Each week we will share a recipe or two from members of our community who love to cook!  In addition, we will provide information on where to shop on a budget, finding fresh ingredients, and keeping your meals healthy AND delicious!  Plus, don't miss our refreshing recipes that are microwave friendly!  

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