WHAT'S COOKING... At Dolores's

This week’s chef is Dolores, who recently moved into Hamilton House.  Dolores is an active member of the community, and when she heard about “What’s Cooking”, she was keen to get involved! 

Also read about Dolores's sinigng and art, her recipe and all about tofu.  Dolores.jpg

A big part of cooking for Dolores is sharing food with friends and family.  “I love to have guests, it helps me to cook.” she explained.  Dolores is very happy with her new apartment, since she now has more space to have people over.  In addition to cooking at home, Dolores enjoys cooking with her family.  She told of how it brings her great joy to see her children cooking and laughing together, sharing the family’s recipes.Dolores_Cooking.jpg 

Dolores has chosen to demonstrate a recipe of hers which uses tofu.  Although meat has always been a part of Dolores’ diet, she explained that she always wanted to be a vegetarian.  As she is working towards a more vegetarian diet, she has recently added tofu to her list of ingredients to round out her protein. “I could live on a fruit and vegetable diet.” she said.  In this recipe Dolores made an arugula, broccoli and almond salad, tofu, and a fruit salad for desert.  Talk about a healthy and nutritious meal! 

An interest in healthy living is not new to Dolores, who worked for years as a registered nurse and counselor.  Her experience as a nurse has opened a door to an incredible volunteer opportunity with the Medical Reserve Corps – and Dolores was eager to get involved.  The MRC organizes a trained group of volunteers who can respond to health emergencies within the city.  As part of this group, Dolores takes part in regular training sessions, wherein emergency scenarios are mocked up so that volunteers and city workers can learn how to respond.  She also helps by providing vaccinations and support when the need arises in the city. 


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